Wellness & Prevention Programs

The ADRC provides access to many evidence prevention programs through partnerships with local hospitals, clinics, senior centers and fitness centers. The evidence based prevention programs reduce emergency room visits, hospitalizations and overall health care costs. Click on the links below or contact any of our offices for a listing of evidence based programs in your area. Stopping into your local ADRC office to have a conversation with an Information and Assistance Specialist will provide options on the program that best meets the needs and desires of you or your loved one.



Stepping On – Safe and positive learning experience to reduce falls.


livingWell-SmallLiving Well – Living Well is an evidence-based workshop for people who have one or more chronic conditions.



Better Bones & Balance Program – Gradually improve your balance and strength to reduce bone loss and falls.


walkWithEase-SmallWalk With Ease – Provides tools to develop a safe exercise routine unique for you.


eatBetterMoveMore-SmallEat Better & Move Better – Learn how you can live a longer, healthier life.


seniorDriving-SmallAARP Senior Driving – Refine your existing driving skills to avoid accidents and traffic violations.


powerfulToolsCaregivers-SmallPowerful Tools for Caregivers – Offers unique tools to improve the quality of life in both the caregiver and their loved one.


alzheimersSupport-SmallAlzheimer’s Support Groups – Find support in your care giving journey or learn about memory screening.


Tai Chi Classes–┬áTai Chi Fundamentals is considered an evidence-based fall prevention course which improves balance and stability.



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