The Mauston Office participates in NOW 92.1 FM’s Million Penny Challenge!

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Last Thursday was an exciting day for the Mauston ADRC Office! They had the privilege of being  a host for NOW 92.1 FM’s Million Penny Challenge. The station embarked on this effort to try and raise one-million pennies ($10,000) for the American Cancer Society. 92.1 drove around to local businesses and gave them a chance to promote their services, and allowing community members to stop by and drop off donations. The WRJC truck was parked out in front of the ADRC from 11am – 12pm last Thursday. The Mauston Office manager, Heidi Randall, and board member, Tom Brounacker, had the privilege of representing the ADRC of Eagle Country. When asked about the experience, Heidi Randall stated:

“On behalf of the ADRC, we appreciate the donation from attorney Rebecca Richards-Bria to provide a wonderful opportunity for the ADRC to reach out to the community. I’d also like to thank 92.1 FM for their collaboration in this great challenge. It’s an important avenue in which information can be shared about the ADRC’s services and programs, and benefit the American Cancer Society as well. We look forward to further developing our relationship with 92.1 FM and the community.

The drive ended up contributing $2683.50, which included 165,985 pennies, for the 2013 Juneau County Relay for Life:

Jim Murphy, Owner of WRJC, commented after the count, “Initially disappointed, thought there was/would have been more, but almost immediately realized, this is a lot of money.  And lot of money that was raised in a short time, for a great cause.  It was the first year we did it, it will only get bigger.  But most of all the stories and examples of generosity were so heartwarming.  I wish everyone could have seen and been part of what we saw.” (Source)

The ADRC of Eagle Country offices enjoy supporting and being involved in their communities. Their passion is to connect people to local supports and services; in order to do that it’s their mission to be community ambassadors and advocates. We would love to connect with you if you have any questions about our services, or to see how we can assist you!

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