On Sunday 9-11-2016 the police department took a report from a resident that a subject had called her stating that she had missed jury duty and as a result a warrant had been issued for her arrest and that she needed to make 2 $200 money transfers and appear in court on 9-22-2016 or she would be locked in jail. The caller advised her to go to Dollar General and purchase the pay pal vouchers. When the resident advised that she had no means of transportation, the caller stated he would call a cab to take her.

A short time later, a cab did indeed arrive to take the resident to Dollar General. While enroute to the store, she told the cab driver the story and he advised her to return home and call a family member and the driver took her home before she purchased the money transfers.

The family member upon hearing the story contacted police. Investigating the call, the number on caller ID came back to the Osseo, WI area, but further investigation showed that the call had been masked and may have come from the Atlanta, GA area instead.

A couple of points, first, thanks to the driver from Courtesy Cab for preventing the resident from losing $400. Second, you are always notified in writing by the Circuit Court Clerk when you have jury duty. You are contacted by letter, months in advance, and asked to ill out a questionnaire and then sent another letter telling you what dates you are asked to appear. Third, the police do not make arrangements for transportation to pick up bond money, unless it is in the back of a squad car.

Please be careful, there are always people trying new and creative ways to separate you from your money, and they are frequently invoking the power of law enforcement to get people to hand over hard earned cash. If you get a suspicious call similar to this, hang up and call your local law enforcement agency.

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