New Report Compares each State’s Senior Health

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“2013 Senior Report,” United Health Foundation, website

“Hoping to jump-start a discussion about the well-being of America’s rapidly-growing aging population, the United Health Foundation on Wednesday published the first comprehensive state-by-state analysis of senior health across the nation.

Minnesota won the top spot on the list of healthiest states for seniors to live, followed by Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Iowa. Bringing up the rear, Mississippi was found to be the unhealthiest state for older adults, with Oklahoma, Louisiana, West Virginia and Arkansas following, in that order.

The report is meant to become a benchmark against which to evaluate future efforts to improve the health of the nation’s fastest growing demographic group – adults 65 and older. Currently, 40.3 million people fall in this category; that number is set to soar to 88.5 million by 2050.”

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