Medicare Part D Assistance Clinics – Make Your Appointment Now!

This is a busy time of year for your mailbox.  Insurance companies are marketing and trying to convince you to purchase their prescription plan.  Medicare and Social Security Administration also send out various letters which include information about your eligibility for benefits and if they are changing.


Medicare Part D Open Enrollment is the time to:

  • Find if there is a less expensive plan;
  • Evaluate your current plan to see if all medications are still covered in 2014 and the projected costs;
  • Enroll for the first time if you did not enroll when you were first eligible

*After December 7th you will NOT be allowed to make any changes*

If you would like Deb and Mindy’s help choosing a Medicare Part D plan, please contact the ADRC at 800-482-3710 or 608-355-3289 to make an appointment at one of the Medicare Part D Clinics.

Other options for assistance are:

  • Medicare at (800) 633-4277
  • Part D Prescription Drug Helpline at (800) 456-8211
  • CWAG Prescription Drug Helpline at (800) 366-2990 ext 323


A helpful tip to remember is CMS, the Medicare agency, color codes most of their important notices during this time of year.  Their letters may come on tan, grey, orange, blue, purple, yellow or green paper.  If you receive a letter like this, you should probably keep it.


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