Cutting the Red Tape – How an ADRC Benefits Specialist helped a customer apply for Disability

Dear Trish Vandre, Director of the ADRC office in Baraboo:

Hello from Reedsburg!

In October  1977, four blocks from home, I fell asleep driving.  Totaled the vehicle, heart stopped 3 times, broke every bone in my face,  lost a dozen teeth, cracked the first 3 vertebrae, caught right boot on the brake pad —to break right ankle. Comatose for 44 days, from the scene of accident taken to trauma hospital by Flight for Life helicopter in Denver, Colorado.  Inpatient and outpatient at Craig Rehabilitation hospital also in Denver, Colorado.

I have asked to share my special experience with the Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) of Eagle County office here in Reedsburg, Wisconsin.  I was working full time with Walmart at Lake Delton.  It was break time and I was sitting in the break room with the cashier.  I told her how much pain and frustration I was feeling at work and my body and short term memory problems.  My position at the Service Desk had become real difficult, and I was missing a lot of work. The cashier told me about a special office and a special lady in Reedsburg who might be able to assist myself with a disability claim.

I called Holly Schafer, Disability Benefit Specialist here in Reedsburg, Wisconsin and made a appointment.  First of all, I must state the fact that Ms.Schafer is very professional ,very punctual, and always returning calls when she can.  Holly’s knowledge of the entire process of a disability claim was outstanding.  Holly is super in all corresponding  that’s  necessary for a disability claim.

My first disability application had been denied. Holly assured me that first time denial was pretty common and not to worry.  It was great having someone like Holly in my corner, right here in my Reedsburg back yard. Having the ADRC office available in a town the size of Reedsburg is beneficial. I filled out second disability application, Holly double checked everything to make sure it was perfect, and I included all paperwork from doctors and therapists.  I remember the exact day we sent in the paper work, my file was as thick as a Macy’s Christmas catalog!

It took almost 14 months for my disability claim to be finalized.  During that period with being off work, it really helped having the Hartford Long Term disability payments.  The number of phone calls, the number of fax’s and just general assurance from Holly and the ADRC office here in Reedsburg was great!

In closing, with not having the money for a so called disability lawyer, who in fact also told my wife and I it would take 2 to 3 years for a claim to go through,  the decision to seek assistance with the Aging & Disability Resource Center of Eagle Country here in Reedsburg, Wisconsin was beneficial beyond belief. All the benefits Holly and the ADRC office have to offer, including the special equipped shuttle bus available to anyone with a need, is outstanding. The ADRC office in Reedsburg is handicap accessible with ramps and elevators, the whole nine yards.  My overall experience with the Aging and Disability Resource Center was a big time life changer for myself and my family.  All the reporting and questions to Social Security was a big benefit. The knowledge of everything from food stamps and medicare is another  fantastic benefit.  The ADRC of Eagle Country has an office conveniently located in Baraboo and services Reedsburg too!

Sincerely Yours,

Mr. Day

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