ADRCs of Eagle Country and Southwest Wisconsin Meet with Legislators


The Aging and Disability Resource Center of Eagle Country, serving Crawford, Juneau, Richland and Sauk Counties and the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Southwest WI, serving Grant, Green, Lafayette and Iowa Counties Governing Boards meet with Senator Howard Marklein, Senator Jon Erpenbach’s staffer, Kelly Becker and Representative Todd Novak on  February 22,  2019  to discuss 2019 and 2021 state budget and policy priorities identified for older adults and person with disabilities in Southwest WI.

  1. Direct Care Workforce Support:  Strengthen the direct care workforce by 1) increasing Medicaid provider reimbursements to raise wages, 2) expanding affordable health care coverage and paid family and medical leave, and 3) developing and funding a community-based counterpart to the WisCaregiver Careers program for community-based workers.
  2. Family Caregivers: Recognize and support family caregivers as valued members of the care team and essential components of our health and long-term care system by 1) passing the CARE Act  2) creating a tax credit for family members spending personal resources to care for a loved one, 3) expanding dementia care specialist services statewide, and 4) providing working caregivers access to paid family and medical leave.
  3. Social Isolation and Loneliness: Request a Joint Assembly and Senate Committee be formed to study the issue of social isolation and create policy solutions to reduce isolation in with older adults and persons with disability in WI.
  4. Reliable, Accessible, and Affordable Transportation: Improve transportation services by 1) increasing transit and specialized transportation funding by 10% and providing ongoing increases of at least 3.5% annually to account for accelerating population growth 2) incentivizing coordination among local and state level transportation services 3) creating legislation clarifying the insurance requirements of volunteer drivers and ensuring protections under the Good Samaritan Law, and 4) increasing the Wis Employment Transportation Assistance Program (WETAP) to help low-income people commute to work and provide commuter solutions for people with disabilities.

ADRC of Eagle Country and Southwest Governing Board members extend their appreciation to Senator Howard Marklein, Senator Jon Erpenbach’s staffer, Kelly Becker and Representative Todd Novak for giving of their time to listen to stories on why these issues are important to older adult adults and persons with disabilities   in Southwest WI and throughout WI.


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