ADRC of Eagle Country and ADRC of Southwest WI Governing Boards Join Together to Learn About Effective Advocacy

The ADRC of Eagle Country and ADRC of Southwest WI Governing Boards decided it would be a strategic move to join together to learn more about how to advocate effectively as a body representing eight (8) counties.  On October 24, 2013 the group meet at the Iowa County Health and Human Services Building a central location for the 8 counties.  They invited Jon Hochkammer, Legislative Director for Wisconsin Counties Association, to provide an informative educational session on Advocacy and How to Effectively Get Your Message to Legislatures.  The group then broke into groups of four to discuss what are the challenges older adults, persons with developmental/intellectual and physical disabilities and metal health issues face in striving for economic security and a quality of life in their communities.  They came up with 15  focus areas.  1. Access for disabled and elderly 2. Home delivered and congregate meals, issues for rural and home bound, funding 3. Insurance coverage/available information 4. Transportation for elderly, disabled and general public. 5. Isolation of people in rural areas 6. Uncertainty of government 7. Pride preventing people from seeking assistance 8. Options for community involvement and socialization, reduce depression 9. Use of technology/services to help people live in  their home 10. Reduce stigma of receiving help 11. Reduce Stigma and increase availability of mental health services 12. Increase awareness and acceptance of diversity issues 13. Reduce Financial exploitation, education for divestment issues, uncertainty of social security 14. Availability of long term care 15. Increase availability of all health care. Another nominal group process prioritized these areas into the top three areas which are in red.

The two Governing Boards will be discussing how to make their voices be heard with legislatures as well as opportunities for community involvement over the next year.

It was a wonderful example of organizations working together/collaborating  to continue their mission of improving the lives of older adults and people with disabilities in our communities.


Respectfully Submitted

Becky Dahl

Regional Manager ADRC of Eagle Country

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