ADRC Board Member Advocates for Improved Accessibility at Mauston City Hall

By Bette Smart, Mauston Office ADRC Governing Board Member.

In the City of Mauston, City hall was impacted by the Mansion Street construction project this past summer.  The project involved a complete makeover of Riverside Park and some much needed roadwork.

Mauston City Hall has limited parking and the one designated handicapped accessible parking space became inaccessible.  I expressed my concern to the City of Mauston Mayor and the City Administrator.  They assured me that there was a plan to improve the accessible parking situation.  The problem has been resolved.  A member of the Mauston maintenance department contacted me to get an opinion on where to position the button for operating the door.  The City of Mauston now has a designated handicapped accessible parking spot on level ground complete with an electronic door and direct access to the elevator.

Riverside Park is also very accessible.  Paved walkways lead to picnic and playground areas and to a fishing pier.  The river walk is paved and makes for a great stroll.

Thank you Mauston for the wonderful improvements.

Bette Smart

Mauston Office ADRC Governing Board Member

Representative for persons with physical disabilities

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