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Stories from Customers of the ADRC of Eagle Country

Listening to our customers is something we take pride in. We love hearing your stories of how the ADRC can help change lives and promote the well-being of it's customers.

Fourth Annual Touched Twice Clinic Assists 675 people in just four hours

The fourth annual Touched Twice Clinic was held Saturday at the new Lisbon School. While the event is held one day a year, the work by organizer Rhonda Larson and countless volunteers goes on throughout the year. Collecting Clothing, school supplies, and food are just a few things that go on behind the scenes before the yearly event can be held. This year, organizer Rhonda Larson reported that they served 675 people in just four hours. There were 215 volunteers Saturday alone, and more that … Read More

Keeping Focus in the Face of Alzheimer’s

By Susan Price, LEEPS Volunteer Coordinator. The ADRC of Eagle Country is a partner in the Language Enriched Exercise Plus Socialization (LEEPS) research study, a program to find out what effect exercise and social outings have on people with early stages of dementia and their caregivers. One of the LEEPS participants in Sauk County is Everett, and his wife Ann is his caregiver.  Everett was telling me that when he was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease it was overwhelming to both him … Read More

ADRC Board Member Advocates for Improved Accessibility at Mauston City Hall

By Bette Smart, Mauston Office ADRC Governing Board Member. In the City of Mauston, City hall was impacted by the Mansion Street construction project this past summer.  The project involved a complete makeover of Riverside Park and some much needed roadwork. Mauston City Hall has limited parking and the one designated handicapped accessible parking space became inaccessible.  I expressed my concern to the City of Mauston Mayor and the City Administrator.  They assured me that there was a … Read More

Cutting the Red Tape – How an ADRC Benefits Specialist helped a customer apply for Disability

Dear Trish Vandre, Director of the ADRC office in Baraboo: Hello from Reedsburg! In October  1977, four blocks from home, I fell asleep driving.  Totaled the vehicle, heart stopped 3 times, broke every bone in my face,  lost a dozen teeth, cracked the first 3 vertebrae, caught right boot on the brake pad —to break right ankle. Comatose for 44 days, from the scene of accident taken to trauma hospital by Flight for Life helicopter in Denver, Colorado.  Inpatient and outpatient at Craig … Read More

Don’t Let This Happen to You !

*This is not an actual client case, and any similarities between the example and an actual client are purely coincidental.  Here in the Aging and Disability Resource Center, we have been seeing a new trend.  One which puts people in a very serious situation.  Let me explain with a story.  Several months ago, I received a call informing me of a person who was living at an assisted living facility and had been paying privately for their care at the facility.  After paying these costs for … Read More