Our Specialists

All of our specialists offer free  and confidential  services!

Information and Assistance Specialists

ourSpecialistsPAGEInformation and Assistance Specialists are available by phone and appointment in our office or your home. We listen to you and your unique situation, focusing on identifying needs, preferences and support, both personal and financial. Staff explore and link you to programs and potential funding sources so you can make decisions that are right for you.

View our brochure: ADRC Brochure

Benefit Specialists

Benefit Specialists are advocates who can ‘cut the red tape’ which can be a barrier when trying to understand if you’re eligible for public programs. They can also assist if you have been denied benefits and need to appeal a decision. They help negotiate with public agencies, medical offices, or insurance companies to resolve problems.

What do customers say about working with our Benefit Specialists? Click here to find out!
Overall Customer Satisfaction
Wow! Almost everyone said…

  • Their overall experience was excellent (87%) or good (11%)
  • The help they received was very useful (89%) or somewhat useful (9.6%)
  • The service met (36%) or exceeded (63%) their expectations
  • They would recommend the program to someone else (99%)

Full report can be found HERE.

Elder Benefit Specialists (EBS) – serve persons age 60 years and older

Disability Benefit Specialist (DBS) – serve persons with disabilities, age 18-59

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