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Watch this Video! – Health Reform Hits Main Street

There is a lot going on with the Affordable Care Act. This unbiased video provides a great introduction to some of the changes that will be happening. Click on the post title to be directed to the video! … Read More

Don’t Let This Happen to You !

*This is not an actual client case, and any similarities between the example and an actual client are purely coincidental.  Here in the Aging and Disability Resource Center, we have been seeing a new trend.  One which puts people in a very serious situation.  Let me explain with a story.  Several months ago, I received a call informing me of a person who was living at an assisted living facility and had been paying privately for their care at the facility.  After paying these costs for … Read More

New Report Compares each State’s Senior Health

[Disclaimer: The information and links contained below are not endorsed or supported by the ADRC of Eagle Country,  Bureau of Aging and Disability Resources, Division of Long Term Care, and the Department of Health Services. ] "2013 Senior Report," United Health Foundation, website "Hoping to jump-start a discussion about the well-being of America's rapidly-growing aging population, the United Health Foundation on Wednesday published the first comprehensive state-by-state analysis of … Read More